"My accident left me feeling totally vulnerable, both in terms of my injury and inability to work, but equally because of my fear of having to deal with lawyers and insurance companies. Ms. Burbage and her team reassured me from the outset, and guided me through a very daunting process. I trusted her to put my problems first and she lived up to her promise to do that."
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is simply to put you first. To listen, understand your concerns, and provide responsive, professional advice in a financially fair way. Lawyers are trained to have knowledge, exercise good judgment, and be resourceful. What lawyers are not taught in law school is understanding what it means to be a client. Sometimes a lawyer must be a gladiator and fight the fight right to trial. But not every client wants to spend the time, and embrace the demands of trying a case and would prefer a negotiated settlement. It is the lawyer’s job to understand their clients' expectations, ensure they are realistic, and meet, if not exceed them.    Jane and Shauna