"I negotiated a contract with a company to do some renovation work on my home. I couldn’t believe how shoddy the workmanship was, and to make it worse, the contractor accused me of aggravating the problem I hired them to correct. I had to sue the contractor to protect my rights. Shortly after we went to Examinations for Discovery and some damaging information was found by Burbage Barristers’ investigation team, the case settled."
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Every day in St. Catharines, in North America, everywhere in the world we see injustice.  Witness what just happened to our neighbours in Orlando.  Senseless, hateful behaviour which throws us off balance and makes us wonder: is there such a thing as justice in the world? And what is justice? An eye for an eye? Money to compensate for a wrong? If it’s just money, how much is enough to mean “justice achieved?”

I am often asked by new clients who have been injured or damaged as a result of someone else’s behaviour, why our legal system is so slow and often does not provide the “justice” they deserve.  The “law” can ensure that someone is compensated for their losses, but does the law actually restore to them, that which was taken away?  The answer, sadly, would appear to be “no.”

As you may already know, we live in an imperfect world.  Humans often do bad things, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, and more often than we can even fathom.   These wrongs can cause people to lose their voice.  Certainly, they lose their ability to fight because they are too busy trying to recover from what was done to them. But a good lawyer can fight for you.

Your lawyer should be honest and fearless.  It is assumed that he or she will be smart, resourceful and have good judgment. But, first and foremost your lawyer should care - about you! Willing, and eager to harness all of their skills, learned over years of studying, fighting in the Courts, or just negotiating the best result for clients, all to help YOU.   Nothing short of a best effort will do.  You should feel that your lawyer puts you first and shows the tenacity to get justice - for you.  

When lawyers are Called to the Bar they are asked to take an oath to do their very best, for every single client in their practice, for the duration of their career.  I take this oath seriously.  Every member of my law firm takes this seriously.  It translates into returning phone calls immediately, responding to emails as quickly as possible, and always keeping you, the client, informed.  It means meeting or talking with clients regularly so that we know exactly how you are, and letting you know that we are moving your case forward diligently toward the “finish line” to get you the justice you seek and deserve.

Being a lawyer is all about service.  As I say to my clients, if you don’t feel better after you leave my office, I haven’t my job.  That pretty much sums up Burbage Barristers. 

And by the way, we love what we do.