"I negotiated a contract with a company to do some renovation work on my home. I couldn’t believe how shoddy the workmanship was, and to make it worse, the contractor accused me of aggravating the problem I hired them to correct. I had to sue the contractor to protect my rights. Shortly after we went to Examinations for Discovery and some damaging information was found by Burbage Barristers’ investigation team, the case settled."
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Why Small is BIG in St. Catharines!

Living in St. Catharines has been eye-opening. I moved here from the Big city several years ago for a quieter, saner life and St. Catharines is the place. BIG is not about size, but value.

St. Catharines is changing. It is becoming more vibrant, more colourful and more progressive. Witness our Performing Arts Center, new arena and the sprouting of small shops selling everything from gluten-free donuts to crafts and coffee (in the same shop!) We are witnessing waves of new faces, younger and older, eager to make their home here and contribute ideas and fresh approaches to living and doing business in St. Catharines. St. Catharines is on the move!

I love knowing the first names of people in small shops downtown, and vendors in a Market teaming with local produce, fabulous baked goods and crafts. I see gardens cropping up all over the city. When it’s too cold to get out of the car mid-February, I am oh-so-grateful that the young man at the gas bar is kind and offers to clean my windshield and check the oil. I always leave the health food stores full of good advice ranging from eating more local veggies to enjoying a touch or two of fine Niagara wine. These may seem like small things, but to Big city folk they have a Big impact on quality of life.

I have a law firm here in town, Burbage Barristers. We may be small but we are big on value, hard work, smart solutions and old-fashioned care and concern for our clients. As St. Catharines grows, so do we and we intend to continue to deliver the very best advice and service this town richly deserves. Because we are small, we work harder, and we care more. Why? Because being small allows us to concentrate on what’s most important and that’s YOU.

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