"I negotiated a contract with a company to do some renovation work on my home. I couldn’t believe how shoddy the workmanship was, and to make it worse, the contractor accused me of aggravating the problem I hired them to correct. I had to sue the contractor to protect my rights. Shortly after we went to Examinations for Discovery and some damaging information was found by Burbage Barristers’ investigation team, the case settled."
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1. Know it.

2. Work it.

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When clients call with a problem, they want the phone to be answered on the first ring. They want to get to the lawyer immediately. They want to talk about their problem as if it's the only problem in our office and they want the problem fixed. Now.


We get that. Our clients come to us because they want the combination of experience and judgment that gets the win.


At Burbage Barristers we pride ourselves in not wasting your time. Or money. For every problem you give us, we give you the solution.


Try us. We're different.


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